Workshop Natural Witchcraft
04/08 - Amsterdam

I am Michely Cantagalo, a writer and a witch from Brazil, living in Europe, now in Amsterdam.

I give workshops in spirituality, witchcraft, body language and dance.

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Natural Witchcraft

Beginners guide to start your witch journey.

After this workshop, you’ll find your path in the art of witchcraft.

Learn about the history of the natural witchcraft and how to honor the feminine energy.

Discover different types of witches and daily rituals to bring magic into your life.

Understand the four elements and moon phases.

Get to know candles, crystals, and herbs and create your own rituals with the four elements.

We will end the event with a powerful collective ritual.

Energetic Flow

Embark in this travel through your body, mind and spirit

Unblock your traumas and heal your energy through body movements.

This mix of techniques will help you in your self-discovery, undoing old blockades that you can carry throughout life.

The corporal exercises, allied to the music and aromas, help harmonizing the flow of energy, slowing down the thoughts and promoting tranquility, this facilitates the connection with our inner self putting us in the way to achieve our purpose of life.

For this we integrate several techniques:  Body Language, Dance with the 4 elements, Bioenergetic Exercises, Hatha Yoga, Do-in, Self Massage and Aromatherapy.

Sacred and Free

This is a previous workshop in partnership with Mulher da Mata, where I combined both practices into an event that ran for 6 hours.

March 2024 – Porto – Portugal

"The feeling of discomfort is your soul craving for change"

Michely Cantagalo

You can contact me by e-mail: 

Blessed be!

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